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Since 2000 Woodstock Wellness Center has been changing lives. We are are a proud provider of our exclusive Integrative Approach to pain reversal and recovery. Focusing on pain relief and rehabilitative exercise, we focus on restoring pain free function naturally by supporting the body's natural healing abilities. With the appropriate herbs, supplements, exercise, nutritional and lifestyle support we can help you achieve your goals. We have helped thousands of clients get results. Whether you have been in a car or bike accident(PIP), are awaiting surgery, post operation, acute or chronic injury we can help you on your path to recovery.

Integrative Natural Medicine has been proven to be effective and safe for pain prevention and treatment.  Our simple and powerful integrative approach, eliminates and prevents the most common pain triggers: inflammation, trigger points, adhesions, and poor blood circulation. 

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I've been coming here for eight years, I absolutely love the community aspect here. Everyone is really nice and inspiring. I've been getting massage, acupuncture, and also do yoga. 5 stars! So happy to be a part of the community!-Christina

This place is what I've been looking for. With many such places in Portland the feeling of the environment is important as is the energy of the people. This is the place to go to feel good about what you are doing. It is obvious from the minute you walk in that great attention to detail was taken to make this the right feel. That attention to detail and energy continues with your experience with each staff member and class you take. I highly recommend this place!-Emily

I absolutely love this place. I have not taken yoga classes but have had massages and acupuncture which drastically reduced my back pain until surgery was required. I admired Angela's calm, knowledge and compassion for helping. This is a caring team.-Sheryl

I have been coming to this acupuncturist for over 2 years for sports related injuries and I have found the acupuncturist to be very skilled, and know that she has practiced for over 12 years. Both injuries were bad, and her therapy really brought me back to full function. I'm a critical thinker and skeptical at first, but she has won me over to this type of therapy.-Mike

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