If taken seriously, Acupuncture, Massage, Yoga,  and Coaching aka Wellness Therapies are a real investment in life transformation. It’s not just about feeling better. It’s about removing burdens and habits that have been holding you back perhaps your whole life. This translates to improved relationships, decreased pain, being more attractive, more fit, and often raising your income earning potential. Similar to how buying a house, signing a marriage contract, or choosing an university helps forge a forward life trajectory, these services do the same. Because Wellness Therapy is a true investment, I fit best with clients who are tired of their own rationalizations and/or feel their habits are not conducive to their forward growth, or even worse, their own self-talk sabotages future potential. I also work well with clients who need advanced help with a particularly “thorny” or chronic issue and have already tried other avenues. Regardless of the “why,” I thrive on working with people who find themselves especially ready to give themselves (or someone they love) this gift of transformation. When I began pursuing this occupation, it was very important to me to provide excellent service and I’ve never wavered from that intention. I dedicated decades of my life to studying my profession and continue to learn and be inspired from more than 17 years and thousands of clientele seen in private practice. I am also in my own mid-life and have my own personal and professional experiences and learn from them daily in addition to back up my skill level. Relying on these values as a strong base, I have set up my practice very intentionally. My rates, non-insurance affiliation, hours, diversified services and continued commitment to my own life’s joy allow me to be authentically present to my clients. It’s important to me to offer services that are well worth the money and that inspire me. I am very selective when choosing my own healthcare providers and organize my business so it’s optimal that I provide consistent, solution oriented, excellent services. I am able to provide statements for clients to turn in for out-of-network provider benefits. I am also open to discussing payment plans and/or sliding scale when applicable. I am used to discussing finances with my clients and encourage them to budget their finances, needs and urgency and we can talk about it. I have found discussing and organizing all of these variables in advance promotes clients to get right into their work and see results quickly. I would encourage you to reach out and inquire about services if you feel my description resonates with what you or a loved one may need. Thank you