Ancient Chinese Medicine


From acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, to diet, Chinese Medicine is a holistic system designed to support your body's own natural healing ability. Based on Yin and Yang theory, your Practitioner can diagnose and treat most common ailments.  Here is a short list of things we treat: Pain (acute and chronic); gastro-intestinal issues; sleep problems; adjunctive therapy for cancer patients; gynecological issues (including PMS, pelvic pain, etc.)

$170/Initial visit; or try our New Client Package is $350 for your Initial consult and 2 follow up sessions. $110 for follow up visits, depending on length of time and modality.  We also offer wellness packages and discounts for active members of our studio. We do however take MVA(auto-accident) and Workers comp claims and will happily bill your PIP insurance for you for no charge. All other services require payment at the time of service. Schedule a FREE 15 Minute Consultation with one of our amazing providers below.

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Massage Therapy


Types of massage we offer include

Ashiatsu Massage: This is the 'Dream Massage." If you like deep work, then this is for you.  Done using the therapist's feet, the long strokes and deep pressure will have you wondering why you have never done this before. $95 

PIP Massage: If you have been in a car accident and need relief, this is for you. A referral is likely required to receive this type of massage, if you would like us to bill your PIP Claim. (60 min sessions billed in 15min increments) $45/15mins 

Sports Massage: Whether you are a seasoned athlete or weekend warrior, this is the best choice to keep you in action so you can go out there and do it again.  We know what it takes to keep you in the game. $85/60 min $110/90 min

Relaxation Massage: No need to explain here: drift away with a full body massage to take you deep into a relaxed state. We think massage isn't a luxury but a necessity. $85/60 min $110/90 min

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Tao of Life Coaching

At the center this is the core of what we use to support you with life transitions, weight loss, motivation, and help you actualize your fullest potential. This is the modern version of taking you from where you are now to where you want to be using specific behavior change techniques to support and guide you. Aligned with your life's purpose, you can create an amazing life.

This work combines the principles of yin and yang balance and behavior change-work that is in harmony with nature. Dive deep into your psyche and awaken your soul's purpose. Pricing varies depending on length of commitment and program choice. We have plans to fit every budget.

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