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Since 2000 Woodstock Wellness Center has been changing lives.

Massage Therapy

Types of massage we offer include


Ashiatsu Massage: This is the 'Dream Massage." If you like deep work, then this is for you.  Done using the therapist's feet, the long strokes and deep pressure will have you wondering why you have never done this before.

PIP Massage: If you have been in a car accident and need relief, this is for you. A referral is likely required to receive this type of massage, if you would like us to bill your PIP Claim. (60 min sessions billed in 15min increments)  

Sports Massage: Whether you are a seasoned athlete or weekend warrior, this is the best choice to keep you in action so you can go out there and do it again.  We know what it takes to keep you in the game. 

Relaxation Massage: No need to explain here: drift away with a full body massage to take you deep into a relaxed state. We think massage isn't a luxury but a necessity. We provide effective, natural support to help prepare your body for pregnancy. We can help you regulate your cycles, balance your hormones and give you the support you need during this trying time. Men, women and couples are all welcome here...


Therapeutic Massage

Board Licensed Massage for all of your needs.


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