Woodstock Wellness Center is your neighborhood wellness center. We are more than just a yoga studio; we are Portland’s best place to elevate your life to the next level, with healing from the inside out.

We specialize in helping you achieve optimal health & wellness by creating healthy rhythms and rituals to achieve the results you desire. Whether you are trying to get pregnant, manage chronic pain, control your diabetes, lose weight, reduce your stress, or you feel the need for a life re-design... we can help you become the best version of yourself. We will uncover the root of what is holding you back, and create a customized Warrior Plan that works for you once and for all.  With ancient Chinese medicine, yoga, massage, and Tao of Life coaching, you can achieve next-level wellness.

Receive a FREE Customized Wellness Warrior Assessment with our Wellness Concierge to find out how we can help you achieve your health and life goals.

This Wellness Warrior Assessment is the first step to uncovering what is holding you back from your full potential - physically, mentally, financially and spiritually - and living your best life. Book your assessment and start achieving your goals today!